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The Eastern Quadrant



The Eastern Quadrant is ruled by the Lord of Shadows, and is the capitol of the realm. High law (or Common Law), dictated by Lord Lucian, is the law that must be followed throughout the realm. Anything not specified by High Law is left entirely subject to each individual quadrant.

The East is primarily comprised of lush forests and grassy planes. It is filled with freshwater lakes and rivers, and its climate ranges from cool and temperate up north, to a nearly subtropical south. Eastcastle itself is situated near three large freshwater lakes, and is directly adjacent to the Blackfair Forest.

The Forest is known for its unparalleled beauty, as well as its extreme deadliness. Many areas of the forest are completely dark, even in the day time, and it is often filled with mists and fog, making it nearly impossible to see. Some areas of the forest are thin enough to let in the daylight, and these areas can be quite beautiful to explore - provided you know where you are going, and what not to touch. Forests like this are fairly common in the East, but this is the darkest, largest, and most dangerous - ranging from just outside the west wing of Eastcastle, all the way to the borders of both the Western and Southern Quadrants. Because of its many dangers, no roads pass through the forest, and travelers would do well to not attempt a shortcut.

The East is considered the best place for humans - although the West is equally rigorous with the enforcement of the Equal Life laws. Equal Life laws dictate that all beings of higher intelligence have equal standing in the eyes of the law. This was the law that brought humans into society as equals to demons, abolished the human slave trade, and recognized humans as citizens. Before these laws, if a human was not a slave, it was only a second class citizen, with little to no rights in the eyes of the law. While the west has a substantial human population, the East is directly under the guise of the Lord of Shadows himself, who is known to strictly enforce his laws, and shows little capacity for leniency.






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