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The Northern Quadrant



The Northern Quadrant is ruled by Lord Elial. It is rough mountainous terrain with jagged peaks and steep cliffs. There is not much in the way of plant life, and the vegetation that lives here is sparse and low to the ground, with a few strong rooted trees that can tolerate the nutrient low clay soil.

The Dragons Jaw is a set of particularly sharp and jagged mountains, which loosely resembles the jaw bone of the aforementioned creature. Its peaks are nearly impossible to scale, and the North is considered one of the strongest and most highly defended Quadrants in all the realm.

Northcastle sits in a valley surrounded by a thick range of mountains, only readily accessible from the west. There is a pass between Northcastle and the East through the mountains, though it is a treacherous journey to make.

Comprised mainly of small, sturdy, self reliant cities, the North keeps its politics, and resources to itself, with only one exception. Stone and minerals from the mountains of the North are exported everywhere throughout the realm. Its mines and quarries are the largest and most extensive of anywhere else in the realm.

Although high quality granites, marbles, precious metals, and gemstones are mined in the North, its people and its capitol are very minimalist. It is speculated that the North only exports these materials because they do not use them, and they command a high price in external markets.





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