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The Southern Quadrant



The Southern Quadrant was originally ruled by Lord Azael.
Its arid climate and hot dry air make the majority of the South an uninhabitable wasteland. Small villages dot the coasts and rivers that flow down from the north, and the large cities are dirty, over populated, and vastly impoverished.

The South has an extreme class system, where the wealthy consist of the higher demon races, and the poor consist of minor demons and humans. While humans are technically legal citizens, and according to High Law have all the equal rights of any demon, the southern government is corrupt and takes a covert part in the slave trade. Human villages are frequently raided, and the highest rate of kidnapping occurs with females between the ages of 12 and 23.

Southern politics are not unnoticed by the rest of the realm, and it is well known that Lord Azael not only ignores, but takes part in the trading of human life. However the stability of the realm relies on the mutual respect the Lords give one and other, and Azaels word must be accepted as truth to avoid major internal conflicts. With the new Southern Council in place however, these long standing conflicts are quickly being resolved.

The Black Dunes are an extensive expanse of black sand that has collected in the southern most part of the realm. The temperatures during the height of the day can get so hot that it appears no life can exist here. Travelers who attempt to cross the Black Dunes do not often make it out alive - and the Dunes are rumored to be littered with the skeletal remains of demon, human, and animal alike. If you don't die from the heat, you will likely die of thirst before you find your way out.

The South is known for its saline lakes. Early settlers in their journey to find fresh water were often drawn to them in hopes of salvation. Aside from sand for glass making, the South's only major export is salt, which is the by product of the desalinization of its waters in order to make it safe for drinking.






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