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The Western Quadrant



The Western Quadrant is ruled by Lord Seopahn. It is comprised mainly of islands, peninsulas, bays, and other coastal land formations. The climate is largely marine and the coastal temperatures are warm and pleasant.

The Serpents Sea is the large bay area that contains the majority of the small islands in the quadrant. While this area is rich in life and commonly used by the large fishing community of the area, it is also highly regulated. This being due to the fact that it is the only known environment inhabited by a large species of sea serpent known as the leviathan. The serpent is peaceful by nature, but has been known to attack fishing boats when its natural prey become difficult to find. It is rumored that Seophan himself created the creature in the early years of his reign, and that he may even take the form himself.

The West is known for its metropolitan sea side cities, which are not only famous for their magnificent views of the sea, but for the unique architecture of the city itself. White walls with open pillars stack high into the air, covered by blue and gold domed rooftops, while below the streets are complimented by pristine cleanliness. The markets in Western cities are also worth mentioning, as they are considered the most diverse in all the realm. If you can't find it anywhere else, you can probably find it here.

It is said that Lord Seophan himself is the catalyst for the weather in the West. The usual calm air and gentile breeze of the sea regularly make for content citizens. But when the weather over the sea brews dark clouds that bring wind and rain, it is clear that Lord Seophan is not in the highest of spirits.






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